About Us


Today, eCommerce business in the trend and growing very fast, eco-system need for huge investment to improve it, suppliers are looking for cash flow support and online process must be the fastest to reach customers’ expectations.


The challenge is many deals between Buyers & Sellers do not go through due to low cash flow and difficulty with credit terms.


Innovative ways to Fund your Business Growth


Every business has its own significance value and eWhale works with all small and medium enterprises, with a variety of industries. That’s why we offer multiple choice and a variation of solutions for these companies to start and grow. This ideological trend is our creative financing as we think FAST for solutions and making it easy for you to solve your challenges.

In the current business scenario, it is sometimes very difficult to ask clients to pay in order to fund other future orders. The Purchase Order Fund provided by eWhale is a great solution in this time as you will get the cash flow you need to boost your sales.

eWhale Purchase Order Fund is a partnership of well experienced financiers with a worthy track record of engaging with organizations and helping them to grow and becoming more and more profitable. We have years of experience finding opportunities within the markets.


Providing Creative Financial Solutions


The lenders provide secured loans to the Purchase Orders and expect it paid back with interest in time line of 1 to 8 weeks, at a rate fixed by the platform.

We established a peers to businesses lending platform where professional can contribute funds to purchase the orders and earn profit. The funds raised and managed by eWhale eCommerce and used to fund Purchase Orders which sourced from Suppliers and already sold through different online platforms such as eWhale.co. Souq, Noon, Wadi, JollyChic, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, eBay UK and other platforms.


What is eWhale eCommerce?


eWhale eCommerce is a cross border e-commerce business which support manufacturers to distribute their products over the world and grow in different markets. eWhale eCommerce has different sales channels for wholesale such as eWhale.co and retail such as Amazon, Souq, Jumia, Noon, JollyChic, Wadi, and others.

eWhale Purchase Order Fund provides a multiple variation of financial solutions that are beyond the expectations to many businesses including the Purchase Order Funding. The company through Purchase Order Fund allows low costs loans and investment opportunity with attractive monthly returns.