How it Works

Turn your Project into a reality

The trend of working online is increasing and as technology is growing to an extent, the eco-system of many companies has been transformed. Huge investment is been done in the technology sector to improve the working relationship between suppliers and buyers and most importantly, the expectation of the customers.


Invest through eWhale – The trusted partner you believe in


eWhale Purchase Order Fund is a bridge between investors and business opportunities that are provided or created by our team of financers and entrepreneurs. We specialize in providing trade finance anywhere in the world.

We are experts in providing tailored solutions for capital and tend to drive the global trade between continents.


Perfect for any type of financial assistance

eWhale Purchase Order Fund provides a financial solution by solving the cash-flow issues and offering invoice maturity with a secure payment. In addition to solving your cash flow issues, eWhale Purchase Order Fund also provides financial support for your supply chain by working with the risk mitigation techniques and allowing the optimization of the working capital in the business. By using the financial process prepared by eWhale, the investors and the businesses can minimize the risks associated with trade financing and can easily pay the supplier.

The financial tool of eWhale provides a complete process to pay for the product and then return the investment in 30 – 60 days.


The process of secure funding provided by eWhale Purchase Order Fund is a complete protection of the investment. eWhale Purchase Order Fund works as an intermediary between both the parties (Buyer and Seller). As the payment terms are 30-60 days, eWhale continues to communicate between the two parties and provide the sales channel for both of the businesses enabling them to deposit the amount within the credit period. eWhale also controls the full workflow of the business and provide a guarantee to the buyer (investor).


Due to the trust, we have in the market, all of our purchase orders are mostly sold-out through our sales channel even before posting on our online sales platform. Our sales platforms are mainly the online shopping websites which sell our suppliers product in retail and wholesale prices that are fixed by us.