Today, the ecommerce business is virtually growing very fast and the trend for eco-system needs huge investment to improve it. Many of the suppliers are looking for cash flow support and online process must be the fastest to reach customers’ expectations.

The lenders provide secured loans to the Purchase Orders and expect it paid back with interest in time line of 1 to 8 weeks, at a rate fixed by the platform.


eWhale has a team of professionals who are capitalists, entrepreneurs, investors with decades of experience building and raising capitals and investing in small start-ups and managing their financials on the advancement of technology. Technology has been developing and molded the business finances by allowing borrows and investors to communicate and connect easily for a potential growth. eWhale is passionate about choosing between ideas that are developed from these small start-ups and sharing these investing opportunities with you.


The performance of the eWhale is smooth as we provide a safe and secure financial solution to investors and also provide a deal for businesses to grow within the community.

This long-term partnership is very beneficial for the company as eWhale acts as a facilitator to secure your investment.


How is Investing on eWhale different?


eWhale is a co-investment and investor-led platform, where you can easily invest in multiple deals on the same terms and valuation as multi-investors or institutional investors.

  • More investment opportunities every day
  • Easy handpicking of the business you are interested and want to back
  • Investment as much as you want alongside capital firms
  • Join the discussion panel with investors
  • Make your own portfolio and view investment opportunities
  • Receive newsletter about the investment


Be a part of the biggest online community of investors by joining EWHALE

Benefits of Investors

eWhale believes in offering investors the ultimate opportunity of earning maximum returns on their investments through our online platform. The direct connection between investors and businesses is essential to give a trustworthy atmosphere and develop a strong and creditable business in the long-term relation. By registering on eWhale, you get access to hundreds of businesses and we tend to provide you a chance to invest and earn multiple benefits including 10% return, monthly payments, low investment and diversified portfolio build-up.


Affordable Business Loans

eWhale is one of the fasting growing lending platform with an innovative finance route that allows investors to simplify the process of funding in the marketplace to grow your business. We use the internet to provide a secure and speedy SME finance that suits your business requirement for a potential growth.