Integrating Technology and Flexible Financing

As a result of the ever-increasing prominence of technology within commerce, companies are choosing to switch to online options in increasing their portfolio. eWhale provides an innovative new way to connect buyers and suppliers, in turn creating a plethora of options for businesses aiming for financial growth. 



Streamlined Sales Process

eWhale provides a streamlines service for suppliers assisting in the sale of products in local and international markets, through our innovative and streamlined sales channel. Businesses can oversee the intricacies of the entire sales process with a single click; from logistics to storage, to sourcing and customer service. As a result of such, eWhale has been able to enable suppliers to better manage their cash flow, allowing for easier optimization of their business model.



Benefits of eWhale Crowd-Funding:

- Fast Funding and set-up

- Digital interface for a hassle-free experience

- Personal customer support

- No hidden fees

- Straight-forward costs



Facing barriers with traditional lending – Time for a new alternative

With the new initiative taken by eWhale, many businesses will be free from the cash flow nightmare as they will not be waiting for the clients to pay their invoices. Rather, this new invoice financing will help them manage their cash flow in a smooth and flexible way.

The terms of payments are also secure as all the payments from local and international websites takes around a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 3 months during which the delivery of the goods is made to the buyer until the payment is transferred through different channels.



Take control of your Cash Flow

eWhale Purchase Orders Fund provides cost-plus financing to help suppliers with their cash flow and be able to manufacture and source more products to be available for sales.



Available to Suppliers Who:

1. Are manufacturers or major distributors

2. Wish to implement 500 SKU's or less

3. Are looking to sell through the online sales channels of eWhale

4. Are based within the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, Turkey, Germany, the UK, or Egypt



If your business is looking for a funding expert, contact us and we will review your funding requirement and assist you in choosing the right package in order to enable you to achieve your long-term objectives.