Abdallah Shbeb

I have been working in the IT sectors for a decade in Dubai and have always look for those new opportunities that can guarantee financial growth. Since startups take a long time to grow and pay off the return, I got excited to see such a business model as eWhale POF where it pays off in monthly bases. I have made over 35 % of my investment during 2018 and looking forward to supporting those smart people behind it.



Ghassan Sabbagh

Along with my mix portfolio of investment in Germany, I felt that it is the right time to start investing on eCommerce in the Middle East and since I was able to understand the challenge of suppliers and cash flow issues and believed in eWhale POF concept since day one.



Abdulrahman Al Halabi

Since I work in the eCommerce business sector some 15 years ago in Saudi and was able to understand the challenges of the business model, I acknowledge the eWhale team as they planned to launch the Purchase Orders Fund due to the huge added value to be added to suppliers and eCommerce website and since I am an employee, it is good to have extra few 1000s incomes on aside with such a low risk.