ROI 3%

Fashion Accessories for men

Gurantee short term investment for 21 days return and sharing profit of 3% for orders have been sold alraedy through our marketplace on and with your cashflow we will be able to pay suppliers and deliver the items to customers

Investing in differenet Purchase Orders will increse your profit.


Funding goal


Remaning Funding
21 DaysReturn Period


Min Participation


PO ID 2802042019
PO Name Fashion Accessories for men
Status Funding is Completed
Interest Rate 3 %
Sold On,
Sourcing Country India, UAE
Selling Country UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Participation Days Left




Name Amount Date
Ali Bader $10624 May 20, 2019
Firas Daker $55292 May 20, 2019

Your fund will be used once it is approved from our team, even if the proposal has not expired or fully funded. Those orders are already sold and we use your fund to pay for them.

Your fund will be approved as soon as your documents are verified.

Online Investment can be done on our website, where you will manage your fund and purchase orders through your convenient dashboard.
However, we have a traditional way of Investment for greater amounts where you a Personal relationship manager will be appointed for you to handle your funds and Purchase Orders.

The Risk Patterns are usually low since the Purchase Orders you invest for are already sold. Moreover, we would like you to check our Risk Warning relevant to our business model.

There is NO security deposit. However, you will be required to fill your wallet before investing in any Purchase Orders.

It depends on different Purchase Orders and can vary differently.

You can email us on our given contact details and we will get back to you ASAP. However, you can also reach us on the phone details given.

There is NO limit on the amount of Investments you make yet. However, you will be appointed a personal relationship manager for greater amounts.

Your Investments are only used for Purchase Orders you choose to fund strictly.

You will have complete transperancy as to where your fund is being used. Also, all necessary details required.

There is NO specific time to invest. However, you can only invest in your interested Purchase Orders as long as they are active or have not been funded completely, not after these timings.

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