How can you get the best ROI with eWhale Purchase Order Fund?

We will guide you here how you can make the best return of your money. All you need is to access our website in daily basis and check the updated purchase order where you can invest part of it or all.

Here are some advices:

  1. Invest between 10 to 30% with each purchase order.
  2. Participate with the most purchase order available.
  3. Select the high and low return of investment since you need to mix your investment.
  4. Mix between short period return which are 5, 7, 10 days or even long period return which could reach at 100 days.
  5. Don't keep your investment in the wallet and try to participate into purchase orders quickly.
  6. your calculation should be after investing in different purchase order and you will find that in the performance chart of your dashboard